On Shifting Ground

The revolutions that have swept over the Middle East have captivated the world and changed the lives of millions in ways that have yet to be fully understood. What started in Tunisia and quickly spread across the Arab world, while relatively peaceful in some cases, quickly led to violent conflict in others—Libya in particular.

Drawing on extensive experience in the Middle East and Libya, and interviews with loyalists, rebels and senior US, EU and Libyan officials, Ethan Chorin will break down the Libyan revolution from the Gaddafi regime’s “rehabilitation” and acceptance by the West to the regime’s fall and possibilities for the future.

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One year ago the grassroots “Occupy” movement spread strongly and quickly throughout American streets, media and consciousness. The movement has waned from the public eye, but the underlying ideas are still being voiced. Many are worried about inequality, poverty and the great role that money now plays in political elections.

Amy Goodman argues that these issues are a threat to American democracy. She will explore the causes of this sentiment and also touch upon a variety of other issues ranging from foreign wars to climate change and capital punishment to voting rights.

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The first program in the Global Energy Series will focus on game changing technologies that will impact the global energy landscape well into the 21st century. Technology and energy are inextricably linked, with technological innovation playing a defining role in the production systems of energy sources, energy transmission and delivery systems and how the end user manages and consumes energy.

On the supply side, technologies applied to shale and offshore oil and gas extraction are transforming the industry and global energy markets. Alongside fossil fuel developments are breakthroughs in alternative energy technologies that are critical to meeting global energy demands sustainably. For distribution and transmission, smart grid technology is revolutionizing electricity networks, providing significant improvements to grid efficiency and opportunities for increased integration of renewables. For the end-user, technology’s role in how consumers manage and use energy in their homes and businesses offers significant opportunities for energy efficiency gains, the low hanging fruit of clean energy.

Join us for a panel discussion that will feature representatives from industry and academia to provide multiple perspectives on technology’s defining role in the energy landscape.

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What matters more in the lead up to a US presidential election, a candidate’s platform and convictions or the broader economic and demographic trends over which they have little or no control? Neither, according to Samuel Popkin, author of The Candidate: What it Takes to Win - and Hold - the White House. Instead, he argues that a candidate’s ability to delegate authority, manage time and respond effectively to the rapidly shifting demands of the campaign trail are the key factors.

Looking at three recent campaigns - George H.W. Bush’s 1992 reelection campaign, Al Gore’s 2000 run for the presidency and Hillary Clinton’s effort to win the 2008 nomination - Popkin will examine the intricacies of a presidential campaign. What makes one succeed while another fails?

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This election season has been focused primarily on the economy and job creation, but one topic that will surely be debated in the run up to Election Day is the security challenges facing the US and how the next president will handle them. Nothing highlights the importance of this debate like recent attacks on US missions abroad and continued unrest around the world.

Drawing on decades of experience within the US government, 20th US Secretary of Defense Cohen will provide his insights into these challenges facing the next administration.

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