On Shifting Ground

The first program in the Global Energy Series will focus on game changing technologies that will impact the global energy landscape well into the 21st century. Technology and energy are inextricably linked, with technological innovation playing a defining role in the production systems of energy sources, energy transmission and delivery systems and how the end user manages and consumes energy.

On the supply side, technologies applied to shale and offshore oil and gas extraction are transforming the industry and global energy markets. Alongside fossil fuel developments are breakthroughs in alternative energy technologies that are critical to meeting global energy demands sustainably. For distribution and transmission, smart grid technology is revolutionizing electricity networks, providing significant improvements to grid efficiency and opportunities for increased integration of renewables. For the end-user, technology’s role in how consumers manage and use energy in their homes and businesses offers significant opportunities for energy efficiency gains, the low hanging fruit of clean energy.

Join us for a panel discussion that will feature representatives from industry and academia to provide multiple perspectives on technology’s defining role in the energy landscape.

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