On Shifting Ground

A long-term activist on poverty and justice, Shetty leads Amnesty's effort to end human rights violations. Previously, he was Director of the UN Millennium Campaign and played a pivotal role in building the global advocacy campaign for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Shetty will discuss his work with Amnesty International and the organization's current campaigns around the world.

Speaker: Salil Shetty, Secretary General, Amnesty International

Moderator: Hon. Rebecca Westerfield, Trustee, World Affairs Council of Northern California

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The US and the other large economies of the world have been on a fragile interconnected path to recovery for over four years and the stakes are higher than ever to sustain growth. According to economist Peter Blair Henry, answers to sustained growth and fiscal prosperity can be found in the fiscal policies of former Third World nations over the last twenty years.

By analyzing income disparities in the Caribbean, "catch-up" economics from China and the wrangling of inflation in Latin America the answer comes down to developing fiscal policies that reflect prudence and self-control. Backed up by objective market analysis, Henry will discuss the prospects for long term prosperity in the First World thanks to the lessons of fiscal discipline from the Third World.

Speaker: Peter Blair Henry, Dean, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University

Moderator: James Manyika, Trustee, World Affairs Council

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The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to defy UN Security Council resolutions calling for an end to its uranium enrichment program. Is Iran trying to develop nuclear weapons, as many fear, or does it just want to produce nuclear energy, as the Tehran government claims? What would be the likely consequences if Iran does get the bomb? What diplomatic and military options are available to address this serious crisis? Four expert panelists will discuss this issue.

Målfrid Braut-Hegghammer, Assistant Professor, Norwegian Defence University College

Abbas Milani, Research Fellow and Co-Director, Iran Democracy Project, Hoover Institution

Abraham Sofaer, George P. Shultz Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy and National Security Affairs, Hoover Institution

Moderator: Scott Sagan, Caroline S.G. Munro Professor of Political Science and Senior Fellow, Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University

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In honor of International Women's Day, a bright light will shine on one of the many women taking the lead to change the world. Dr. Fouzia Saeed is well known in the activist circles of Pakistan's social movement, having worked for decades on women's issues especially those linked to violence against women, prostitution, women in the entertainment business, women's mobility and sexual harassment. Her work on violence against women spans over 20 years and includes founding the first women's crisis center in Pakistan in 1991. She is currently a fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy where she continues to work tirelessly to bring the issues facing women in Pakistan and neighboring countries to the forefront.

Speaker: Fouzia Saeed, Director, Mehergarh; Fellow, National Endowment for Democracy

Moderator: David Arnold, President, The Asia Foundation

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Many are looking to the United States for its known potential to reinvent, reinvigorate and revitalize economic and political reality. How will the US harness innovation and regain its competitive edge? Chris Anderson will focus on innovation in terms of the new technology driven industrial revolution. Today's entrepreneurs, using open source design and 3-D printing, are bringing manufacturing to the desktop. This DIY movement coupled with social networking is creating a new world of crowd-sourced design and production. Do It Yourself!: What are the implications of the worldwide Maker revolution?

Speaker: Chris Anderson, Co-founder, 3D Robotics; Former Editor, Wired magazine

Moderator: Adam Lashinsky, Senior Editor-at-Large, FORTUNE

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Economic challenges continue to dominate the political environment in the United States and are likely to do so for the foreseeable future. The slow pace of economic recovery and the political stalemate in Washington on fiscal and budgetary policies impact not only the US economy, but also the global economy. What are the prospects for the US economy in 2013, and how might the ripple effects of US policy impact the global marketplace. Are there other debt crises looming elsewhere in the world which may threaten the US recovery?

Speakers: Gillian Tett, Assistant Editor and Columnist, Financial Times
Laura D'Andrea Tyson, S.K. and Angela Chan Professor of Global Management, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

Moderator: Robert Rosenthal, Executive Director, Center for Investigative Reporting

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Recent weather-related phenomena contribute to a growing sense of the world as more unstable, or at least unpredictable. Unforeseen environmental disasters like hurricane Sandy are causing major disruptions in people's daily lives, with broad economic and political implications. As the frequency of these local events increases, the debate over whether global warming is real or what are its causes may now take a back seat to the mounting evidence that the climate is indeed changing. What are the strategic implications of climate change? What are the threats which face human societies as a result, both now and in the future? Can anything be done to mitigate or adapt to these threats?

Speaker: John Steinbruner, Director, Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland, University of Maryland; Professor of Public Policy, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

Moderator: Mark Hertsgaard, Author and Journalist

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