On Shifting Ground

The world's poorest communities face many obstacles on the road out of poverty: insufficient food and clean water, limited access to healthcare, education and employment, among many others. These shortcomings are often addressed through international aid or development projects and while some progress has been made, a major obstacle remains—everyday violence. According to Gary Haugen, aid and development efforts cannot succeed in the face of corrupt police forces, organized criminals and failed justice systems. As long as the global poor must fight against common violence in addition to the other challenges they face, their circumstances will not improve. Haugen argues lasting results can be achieved through grassroots efforts to reform justice systems and stem corruption. He will discuss the connection between poverty and violence and share stories from his work in the field.

Gary Haugen is the President and CEO of International Justice Mission, and Lecturer at University of Chicago Law School.

For more information about this event please visit: http://www.worldaffairs.org/events/event/1214

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