On Shifting Ground

Haifa is a unique model for co-existence, with Jewish, Arab and Christian communities intermingling and residing side by side, in Israel's third largest city of over 250,000 people. The Council pleased to welcome the city’s mayor, Yona Yahav to discuss Haifa as a stronghold of coexistence in the Middle East. Yona Yahav, visiting San Francisco in honor of the San Francisco-Haifa sister city relationship, has served as Mayor of Haifa since 2003, and brings extensive experience in culture and government to the Haifa municipality. Previously a Member of the 14th Knesset, Mayor Yahav was awarded the Legion of Honor by the President of the French Parliament in 2008 for his contribution in strengthening relations with France and its institutes, and for his devoted leadership of Haifa’s diverse population during the Second War in Lebanon.

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