On Shifting Ground

It’s been nearly thirty years since the fall of apartheid in South Africa. But what happens when the celebrations cease, the news cameras turn away, and the real work of democracy begins?


In this episode, a co-production with Foreign Policy, we take a look at South Africa’s path to political and economic equality.


First, political scientist Evan Lieberman joins Voice of America’s “Straight Africa Talk” host, Haydé Adams, to discuss the lingering “ghost of apartheid,” and why South Africa’s electoral future gives him hope. Then, we turn to a recent episode of Foreign Policy’s “The Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women.” Host Reena Ninan uncovers the lesser-known role of women’s rights in the fight to end apartheid, and how the current struggle to reform sexist marital and property laws in South African courts is keeping this legacy alive.



Evan Lieberman, professor of political science at MIT

Haydé Adams, host, Voice of America’s “Straight Talk Africa”

Reena Ninan, host, Foreign Policy’s “The Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women”

Agnes Sithole, South African marital law reformist

Sharita Samuel, South African lawyer



Ray Suarez


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