On Shifting Ground

For decades, the balance of power between strong nations was the dominant issue in international security. But today, it is fragile nations that are seen by many as posing a potentially greater threat. Weak infrastructure, internal conflict, and lack of economic development provide fertile ground for trafficking, piracy, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, disease pandemics, regional tensions, and even genocide. As a result there is a growing movement in the international community to find comprehensive ways to promote stronger nations, and, more effective ways to deal with those that are already on the brink of failure. Award-winning journalists Kira Kay and Jason Maloney, co-founders of the Bureau for International Reporting, recently explored the successes and failures of international interventions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, East Timor, Bosnia, and Haiti. In collaboration with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, their series of reports aired on PBS NewsHour in 2009. Jon Sawyer, the Pulitzer Center founding director, will offer introductory remarks about its continuing print and broadcast coverage of fragile states from around the world. discuss how the power of ideas is shaping the future of Iran.

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